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Transforming Analog To Digital

Covid-2019 brings Tsunami of Digital Opportunities

Year 2020 has brought massive job loss across Globe, the figure seems blue. This appears alarming for both, the Fresher’s as well as the Working Class, as on one hand where the freshers are being denied their job offers and on other Working Executives realized that single source of Income can never be safe in this ever-changing world.

This very realization of 2020 has developed a feeling of deep insecurity in the hearts of all. The falling interest rates on bank deposits have made Senior Citizens vulnerable as lower-income is making it difficult to meet their bills.

Small business-men who are unable to turn Digital are watching their business going down slowly. Homemakers who were busy with their daily chores are now looking for income sources where they can work part-time to support their families.

It seems that the online concept of products and services reaching customers' doorsteps was introduced to prepare us for the Covid-19 kind of situation.

This pandemic has compelled businesses to take their digitization game seriously. As a result, there is a Tsunami of opportunities for the people indulged in Digital Marketing, Affiliate marketing, and e-commerce, here are some pieces of evidence:

✔️Giants like Amazon are investing heavily and have recorded a 40% jump in revenues. (Source: FE)

✔️Luxury sales are anticipated to triple by 2025, reaching USD91 billion. Nearly one-fifth of all personal luxury sales will take place online. (Source: ESW)

✔️ During the pandemic time, while department stores sales are anticipated to decline by over 60%, e-commerce is expected to increase around 20% in 2020 (Source: wef)

Digitization offers businesses the key to survival in the time ahead:

The businesses which might have started as additional touch points have become the prime platforms for selling and buying products. Yes, the indication here is towards e-commerce.

Now, e-commerce cannot do magic alone. It needs a carrier of digital marketing to reach the target audience. It needs an affiliate marketing tool, too, to help the audience make purchases with better cognition.

Thus, there is no denying that there is an upsurge in demand for digital marketing professionals. Further, the trend of e-selling has reached the smallest towns of the countries too; such is the penetration level!

✔️ 71% of British consumers are shying away from shopping in malls at Christmas     

✔️ The World Economic Forum assesses that the economic value of digital transformation of  business and society will exceed $100 trillion by 2025. (Source ZDNET)

✔️ 70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one. (Source: ZDNET)

These statistics clearly show that the buyers have not lost their buying capacity, as was predicted earlier. They are just finding new ways to shop safely and be served with caution.

Educational Platforms like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) also witness Digital Technologies' profound influence which allows anyone to learn from classes run by Professors of Ivy League colleges for free. NoPayMBA.com permits you to learn what is taught in business schools at a petty amount. Khan Academy teaches students from Maths and Science to preparations for various tests like GMAT, SAT, etc. for free.

2020 has witnessed a paradigm shift in Global Education System. Lockdown has augmented the acceptance of digital technology. Businesses, Educational Institutions, Analytics, IT, and Online Education Solutions have worked in tandem and improved the quality and delivery mechanism of Online Education.

This has opened a vast potential for virtual classrooms using numerous online tools that allow engagements between the teacher and students almost as good as real.

The concept of Virtual Classes is still evolving and am sure that soon this idea will deliver free world-class education even to the most disadvantaged sections of our Society. 

World Health Organization said that the world must be better prepared for the next pandemic (Source: Reuters), so all efforts should be taken to safeguard Public Health and Global Economy when Next Pandemic knocks our door and in doing so, Digital surely plays a central role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing is a division of marketing that uses the Digital Platforms like Websites, Search Engines, Emails, Social Media (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.), using the Internet and other electronic devices like Computers / Smartphones to generate Customer interests and perform the sale. The Digital Marketing Scope is vast and is evolving fast.

Digital Marketing is essential for business as:

✔️ Digital Marketing helps open sales opportunities for businesses economically and with ease, to the Global audience as compared to Traditional Marketing.

✔️ Various Digital Analytical and Sales tools help us to find which audience to target and why, with precise pre-designed communications appropriate to their exact problems and needs.

✔️ Digital mediums are the most cost-effective ways for messaging across a Globe, which is the main reason for marketers to adopt them swiftly.

✔️ Digital marketing has techniques to increase the traffic flow to your websites like SEO, SEM, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and much more.

✔️ Digital marketing assimilates data, communication, and messaging across various platforms, making it the finest form of integrated marketing.

✔️ Digital Marketing facilitates interaction with the audience on a real-time basis wherein their queries get answered personally, thereby creating brand image and loyalty.

Digital marketing is swiftly spreading its horizons and is now creating a dominant space in the marketing ecosystem. To cope-up with the growing global demand, more and more qualified digital marketing professionals are required. Taking Digital Marketing Certification along with your main stream education will open doors for employment in this field. Some of the top digital marketing areas which are opening up as career tracks for aspiring professionals are SEO Manager, PPC Executive, Social media analyst, Online community manager, Content Manager, Communications specialist, Apps manager, Blogger, Social media manager etc

Both options are good, having their own merits. In the classroom batch, you get the opportunity to interact face-to-face with your instructor, that’s good, while in Online you have the option to choose the best available faculty/training center, as the location and timings are not a constraint. You can decide on any option but should prefer the center which gives you first hand working exposure as just theoretical classes won't be enough.

Affiliate Marketing is something like selling someone else's product online and getting a commission from the sale proceed. It should be clear to all aspiring Affiliate Marketers that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a solid get-rich-slow plan, which involves efforts, passion, interest, and planning along-with patience to see results pouring.

It's well-known that companies are just loving this system of affiliate marketing as they now have to pay for that marketing only once a sale is executed. The affiliate marketer pays all the expenses of marketing (though minimal, like hosting, software, tools, domain registration, etc.). So why would a company NOT love? It's this that is making more and more companies getting committed to affiliate marketing. So the prospects for an affiliate marketer to profit are increasing with the growth of affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing suits working professionals who are looking for passive income, as it is a business in which they generally require a smartphone/laptop and an Internet Connection. Affiliate Marketers earn affiliate commission by promoting/selling a product or service someone else has developed, they don’t have to face any uncertainty like someone who starts a traditional business. The best part is that they can generate passive income by utilizing their free hours along-with carrying out their current commitments.

One of the advantages of being an Affiliate Marketer is that they have the freedom to plan their own business. They are their boss and can schedule their time in such a way that they can manage their responsibilities and also put in their efforts honestly to achieve their affiliate marketing goals.

The most challenging part which many Senior Citizens face is that they avoid going out to work. The advantage they get in being an Affiliate Marketer is that they have the freedom to plan their own business. They are their boss and can schedule their time in such a way that they are genuinely able to contribute towards achieving their affiliate marketing goals while working from the comforts of their home. It helps them keep busy and earn some extra bucks.

Digital Marketing provides many options to a Businessman, like - Starting an online e-commerce business that results in addressing a broader audience. Working as an Affiliate to giants like amazon opens doors to promote Millions of Products available on amazon without investing etc.

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